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Why is strengthening so effective on the platform?

Firing patterns in the lower extremity are quite variable when it comes to changing the weight distribution in the foot. This is the exact reason why the Tennis Balance Board was created.  This scientifically engineered product will force the athlete into the correct weight displacement in their foot during the back swing (the loading phase). By doing so, a complete and accurate isolation of the targeted musculature will take place. Everything from the tiny muscles in your foot, up toward your ankle, lower leg, thigh and hip will fire differently depending upon the weight distribution in your foot.

In tennis, the generation of power/pace comes from the lower extremities, not the trunk or arms. Musculature above your waist is simply a “transition zone” that captures ground reaction forces from the lower extremities. This is not to say that trunk and arm strength are unimportant, because they are.  In fact, without strength in these zones, you will be unable to transition the ground reaction forces captured from the lower extremity. However, the origin of power and pace on the ball comes from the ground up!

Because the platform is designed with a unique feedback mechanism, the weight distribution and center of mass will be perfect when you are "locked-in" (balanced).  In this locked-in position, the musculature in the load leg will react in a very unique fashion, one that completely mimics the reactions in the load leg needed for generating power and pace on the ball.

So why is the back leg (the load leg) so essential for generating power? Well, think about a baseball pitcher. Did you ever notice the amount of push off they get from the rubber? If the ball is released from your hand, why is it so important to push into the ground (the complete opposite direction) prior to throwing a ball? The answer is simple, “ground reaction forces”.

Ground reaction forces originate in the load phase during the back swing of a ground stroke. For every ounce of energy you place into the ground, you get an equal amount of energy from the ground back into your body. This energy is then used to generate power out through your arm. 

Strength training on the TBB is a completely different experience than any other strengthening exercise specific for the lower extremities in tennis.