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Why is this balance board different from others that are on the market?

The Tennis Balance Board (TBB) was designed to mimic the proper weight distribution needed in the load leg of a ground stroke. Through extensive research with hundreds of elite players, the angulation on the board is perfectly set up to force you into the right position once you are "locked-in" (balanced).

Other balance boards or surfaces create balance perturbations throughout the entire foot. Not only is this going to set you up mechanically incorrect, but it will not fire the exact musculature required for balance during the load phase of a ground stroke.

By "locking-in" on the Tennis Balance Board, you will be training the central nervous system and the precise musculature for balance, power and pace on your ball.


Are there different levels for varying players?

Yes. The advanced TBB is designed for the higher level player that presently demonstrates adequate balance and weight distribution through the load foot and needs to train on a piece of equipment to make them even better.  This model is not for everyone and is typically utilized for the elite player.  The variation in the bumper system on the bottom of the board creates a higher demand for balance.   The board is also quite challenging to use while performing the body weight resisted strength training exercises.   Our top tour players continue to gain strength and balance on this model.   


Does it matter what type of stroke I use?

Not really. However the TBB is most effective for those athletes that have an open stance forehand or for those that want to work on balancing and/or strengthening for the closed stance forehand and backhand (either single or double) on the run. When you are on the run, the closed stance becomes more open and the type of weight distribution and balance on the load foot during these closed stance strokes while on the run is exactly what the TBB will mimic.


What does “locking in” mean? Does the board have a locking mechanism?

No. The board does not have a "locking" mechanism. However, because the board is set up not to move if you are perfectly situated on it, your brain will "lock-in" that feeling along with the musculature responsible for holding you there. This type of feedback is what the brain needs in order to remember and become trained effectively. If you were on a generic balance board or other variable surface, you are never getting the brain to work in a tennis specific fashion. With these other systems on the market, you are simply trying to maintain your balance. This is not a specific way to train your body to work for tennis specific ground strokes.