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The finest tennis players in the world are those that have optimum on-court balance while hitting ground strokes.  Balance is the key to everything when it comes to an efficient ground stroke, and it all starts with proper weight distribution in your feet.  In particular, the weight distribution in the load foot during a back swing needs to be perfect!

It is a well known fact that if your balance is off, your technique will suffer.  Furthermore, poor balance will not allow you to effectively capture ground reaction forces essential for generating power and pace on the ball.The problem is, not every player is able to feel the proper weight distribution through their load foot needed for optimal balance, despite having the right coaching and/or training regimens.  It simply comes down to the way we are "wired" as humans and how our central nervous system works.  From one player to the next, inherent neuromuscular control will be different and therefore, achieving proper balance, which stems from our central nervous system, will be unique for each player.  Therefore, some players will struggle with ideal weight distribution through their foot, while others utilizing the same coach or training regimen, will have no problem at all.

Developed by David Lipetz, a dual board certified physical therapist that specializes in biomechanics and serves as a consultant to the sports medicine division of the USA Olympic Committee, the Tennis Balance Board is the first of its kind.  David spent countless hours with hundreds of players and coaches fine tuning the platform's angles and surfaces to get it just right.  Greg Lumpkin, a tennis pro and former player, worked along side David in the development of this ground breaking tool.

The Tennis Balance board, unlike other balance systems, will force the central nervous system to react specifically to the sport of tennis during the load phase of ground strokes. Once the athlete’s brain is able to “feel” the correct weight distribution through their foot, there will be an instantaneous mind-body connection. Ultimately, the athlete will be able to transfer this feeling to on-court technique and notice a dramatic improvement in balance, thereby creating a more powerful, efficient stroke.

Elite players can use the Tennis Balance Board as the most effective strengthening tool available by utilizing single limb body weight exercises while on the board. This is truly the most sports specific approach to training the lower extremity musculature for ground strokes.

The Tennis Balance Board is for every level player and is a training aide that no player should be without.